Viral Magnetic LED 3D Moon Lamp



Viral Magnetic LED Moon Lamp


[Magic]-Adopting magnetic suspension technology, it can rotate freely in the air without any support or contact. If used as bedroom decoration, it will help your child overcome the fear of darkness and stimulate his creativity with unique visual effects.

[Wireless transmission]-The moon lamp is powered by electromagnetic induction, does not require cables or built-in batteries, and the soft LED light is harmless to eyes and has a long service life. Compared with the traditional lamp controlled by the traditional lamp, the power consumption is extremely low. Touch button: On/Off

[The "moon" at home]-uses the most advanced 3D printing technology to accurately replicate the lunar surface with high-resolution astronomical data and create textures very similar to real satellites.

[Exquisite gifts and decorations]-Gifts for lovers, friends, parents, children at Christmas, birthdays, holidays, weddings, anniversaries, and business birthday parties or anniversaries.

Soft LED light, no harm to the eye, with long service life.


Product Description:


Lunar lamp diameter: 14cm

Suspension distance: 15mm

Base size: 13.4x13.4x2.8

Light color: white light, warm white, yellow light

Switch type: touch

Power supply: 12V 1A

Warranty 3 Month Covered by Kedai Viral Lux