Viral Galaxy Room Aroma Diffuser


Viral Galaxy Room Aroma Diffuser


1. Large-screen digital display: using smart sensors, the digital display screen accurately displays the power level and displays it in real time.

2. Double spray nozzle design: The humidifier adopts a double spray nozzle design, double moisturizing, fine and heavy fog.

3. Desk lamp: It is easy to operate, just remove the transparencies and adjust to the white light mode to turn into a desk lamp.

4. Use time: Normally fully charged 4.5 hours. After fully charged, it is about 3.2 hours to use the projection lamp alone, the long spray is about 4 hours, and the interval spray is 8 hours. The product can be used while charging.

5. Silent humidification: A silent atomizer is used to make the dual-spray projection humidifier quiet when it is working.

Package Included:

1 Set * Projection humidifier

Warranty 3 Bulan Covered By Lux Viral Shop